4 Reasons to Play Rummy and Strike the Right Note With Numbers

People have their own reasons to play cash rummy games. The interesting elements of the game combined with its challenges are enough to get you hooked to it. It is a game that entails you to develop your skills with numbers and their combinations. When you understand how to play with numbers and make the best use of their permutations and combinations, you’ve arrived as an expert rummy player; you’d have gained an edge over your opponents too.

Let’s delve into the 4 important reasons that make you play rummy online with interesting aspects related to numbers.

  1. Beat the odds with 13 cards

How often do you come across a game where you’ve been dealt with an odd number of cards and expected to meld the best combinations of sets and sequences? Well, that’s the beauty of Indian rummy. Your mental prowess is put to the supreme test when you work your brains to meld the best of 13 cards.

  1. Meld at least 1 pure sequence

If that’s not all, you need to meld at least one sequence without using jokers. In rummy online games, jokers are always a boon. But, the rummy rule to meld 3 or more consecutive cards from the same suit without using jokers puts up a big challenge for you. Your ability to judge your possibility of melding a pure sequence within the first couple of moves is crucial to your success. With adept rummy skills, you would be able to infer if you can meld a pure sequence or not. Thus, it is again about how to understand the numbers and judge your possibilities against them.

  1. Getting the 2 mandatory sequences right

Your meld is incomplete until you meld minimum 2 sequences with one of them being a pure sequence. Now, when you’ve successfully completed melding the pure sequence the fun begins as you have the option to use jokers to meld the second sequence and the remaining cards. While you go about picking and discarding cards in your pursuit to get the right card to complete your meld and declare, the game revolves around how you use the cards at hand optimally.

  1. Optimize with 8 wild card jokers

The most noteworthy feature of Indian rummy is the presence of wild card jokers in addition to the printed jokers. When played with 2 decks of standard 52 cards, one card is randomly picked which becomes the wild card joker of that game. All cards bearing that rank regardless of the suit become wild card jokers. In rummy card game online, jokers have unique roles. Firstly, you can use them instead of a card to meld sets and sequences except for the pure sequence. Secondly, and a really interesting feature is they do not carry any value. In the event of your opponent declaring the game, you’ll be saved from being scored high if you have jokers at hand.

Get your numbers right

If you are able to understand the simple math about cards and their roles in rummy, the game becomes not only interesting but a true brain teaser too.