The Objectives of League of Legends

Being aware of the objectives on the map and their importance. The objectives are the basis to win a game, to kill an enemy champion is not considered an objective, if not the means to take a goal, you must be clear about this idea, since LoL is not a game where you win the one that has more murders or reach a certain number of deaths, is won by destroying the enemy nexus, so let’s look at what are the objectives that will give us an advantage in the race to reach victory. For your info, you can easily get your objectives with Elo Boosting by Bosteria.

Torres: They are the first objective of the game almost at the same time as the dragon, in the phase of lines, the towers become a fortress, so it is essential to destroy them to remove defensive power from the enemy, however it is almost never convenient attack the enemy tower in phase of lines, since we will be susceptible to being attacked by the enemy jungle (Gank), a sure way to destroy a turret, it will be after the death of the enemy liner and with the help of another ally, in Special in the MID line since it is general that the MID is AP therefore it will not do a considerable damage to the tower, once the tower of our lane has been destroyed, we can meet with our team to take other objectives. Each tower represents a greater degree of difficulty, so the allied help will be more necessary as we advance on the opposite map.

 Buff Blue and Red: By killing the Blue Rockfish or the Red Spiny we will get a substantial increase in our statistics, taking these objectives whenever they are available will give us an advantage over our enemies, especially it is useful to increase the usefulness of our Wizard or ADC , in the map there are 2 blue and 2 red jumpers distributed one in each jungle, to venture into the enemy jungle we must always keep in mind to steal the bufos if they are available, to deny offensive capacity to our enemies.

Dragon: The dragon provides us with five buffs (Statistical Enhancement) for all our allies, so achieving the dragon’s death should be an activity involving the whole team throughout the game, since we will have to have a control of the area through vision. Some champions used in the jungle at low levels can make the dragon alone, however the allied presence will always be good to secure the target, if you are not sure of the position of the enemies it is better not to start the attack on the dragon until you have Our jungle participating, since the Smite is one of the many insurances that we can use to obtain our buff.

Herald: The buff of the herald gives us the possibility to increase the damage of our sudden and with this to destroy towers more easily, to take a herald, it is necessary the participation of two people (or more), ideally the TOP and the JUNGLE , since a champion must be attacking the herald on his back to hurt his eye and do a very considerable damage in his life.

Baron: The most important buff in the game, will give us the ability to give our team the buff to increase the damage to our subjects as well as increase our damage, the decision to take a baron is very complex and explained in detail in The Guide of the Baron, nevertheless something basic that must be known is: Not to do Baron if it is possible to push and destroy the nexus, Not to do Baron if we are in numerical disadvantage.