What Is Elo Boosting And How Does It Work? Find More Here!

League of Legends enthusiasts and frequent players know the complications of this online video game. It’s not easy to surge ahead, but as with most other online games, there’s one hack or another available. Elo boosting, also known as MMR boosting, is all about hiring a professional player for playing for your account to achieve a specific set of goals. Expectedly, MMR (which stands for Match Making Rating) isn’t recommended by RIOT, but players indulge in it anyway. The one who is hired to play is known as the booster, while the person to needs and gets help is known as the boostee. Here’s what you must know in detail about Elo boosting.

How does it work?

Elo boosting is rather simple on paper. You pay someone to play right on your account for a specific objective. There are a bunch of elo boosting services available today, and most of them have a team of professional elo players – either masters or challengers – to take up such tasks. For example, you can choose to pay someone, who will take your account off bronze to diamond straightway. While the booster is playing on your account, you cannot access it, although you can check the game and interact with the booster via one medium or the other. Payments can be completed online, and once the work is done, you will get back your account. Typically, most boostee prefer watching the booster via a smurf account.

Things to note

Before selecting an elo boosting service, please do your homework right. Many unsuspecting players had their account hacked or deleted, while others have had bad experiences with boosters. Choose a service that’s experienced and can be relied on. Also, such services are usually dependent on VPN and use completely encrypted connections. You may also want to check what they have on offer in terms of payment options. Paypal is an obvious choice, but if you have the choice of credit card, that’s even better. Some websites have maintained a forum, where boosters and boostees can interact with one another during the game.

Elo boosting isn’t new, and despite all the controversies surrounding it, there are many players who need assistance and don’t have the time to keep playing the entire day. If you are one of them, you should find a service right away and get started. Don’t forget to check the costs and other details.