WordScapes: A Brain Challenging Exciting Game

For word puzzle aficionados who love games like under a spell and Alpha Swipe, WordScapes is a special treat. It was designed and developed by PeopleFun, and it is available for FREE for both Android and iOS devices.

WordScapes is an exciting game that made of crosswords and word search. In essence, you are required to create words, using a few letters offered to you. The game is divided into 50 locations – each with several levels – and it has over 800 exciting puzzles. You will start with simple puzzles, and as you edge your way up the tiers, the puzzle becomes more brain-challenging and fun.

PeopleFun describes WordScapes as a modern game, but after downloading and playing all unravelling all the levels, we feel it is pretty much a regular words game just like Under a Spell and Alpha Swipe. However, we do agree that this game is more enjoyable and more addictive than its rivals. Currently, WordScapes is only available in English, but PeopleFun has promised to upgrade the languages in the coming release. The download is 54MB and it comes with optional in-app offers.

The Gameplay

The gameplay is very simple. You only need to construct words using the given letters. In fact, you need to construct a lot of words using same alphabets on a single level. To construct a word, swipe your finger from one alphabet to the other and you will have your word in seconds. Whenever you create the right word, it will fill the riddle boxes automatically, and then you can move to the next word.

Visit 10 Beautiful Locations

The game offers you the opportunity to visit 10 different but beautiful destinations named Jungle, Autumn, Flora, Winter, Mountain, Tropic, Sky, Canyon, Forest, and Sunrise. The locations names will make you get interested in trying out this word game. Visually, the game is 2D, but you can be assured of experiencing superb graphics. Sound and music are also great, and you can mute them whenever you want a quiet environment from the settings folder.

Sound a piece of cake, right? But don’t be deceived by the easy levels. Higher levels of WordScapes are quite challenging. You need to be fully alert to complete any of the harder levels faster, and even then, you may still get stuck. But don’t freak out, visit Level Hacks. We have completed solving all the puzzles and we regularly share the tips and answers for all levels of WordScapes. Also, we have listed and reviewed tons of exciting games just like WordScapes.